Custom Portrait Sessions

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*Pricing subject to change without notice.*

"Essential" - $375

• 1 hr session (natural light only)
• 1 location
• 2 outfits
• 15 elegantly retouched images, photographer's choice
• High resolution digital download gallery w/ Print Release

$150 due at booking

SGP "Experience" - $675

• 3 hr session (with lighting)
• 2 locations
• 4 outfits
• 30 elegantly retouched images, photographer's choice
• High resolution digital download gallery w/ Print Release
• 10% discount on any products ordered through SGP

$250 due at booking

SGP "LUXE" - $975

• 4 hr session (with lighting)
• unlimited locations
• unlimited outfits
• proofing gallery
• 50 elegantly retouched images, YOU CHOOSE
• High resolution digital download gallery w/ Print Release
• 20% discount on any products ordered through SGP

$350 due at booking


• Add 1 hr, location & outfit $100

• Additional retouched images $35/each

• Custom B&W images $20/each

  1. All packages come with Social Media Sneak Peeks, Online Proofing Gallery & Print Release.
  2. All images are retouched to my editing style.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.*

Payment Terms:

  • Session/booking fee due within 24 hours of booking; this is non-refundable with a few exceptions detailed in my formal service agreement.
  • Any remaining balance must be paid in full at least 1 week before session.
  • Accepted: Venmo, check, and cash.


  • For locations farther than 30 miles from Holland, Ohio, there may be an additional charge. Contact me for an estimate.
  • Travel time between locations counts as session time.
  • For sessions that run longer than the allotted time there will be an additional prorated $75/hour fee, to be paid before any finished images will be delivered.

Frequently asked Questions

When should I have my Senior portraits taken?

You should try to schedule them sometime between the spring of your junior year and fall/winter of your senior year. For example, if you graduate in 2021, you should schedule your session(s) sometime between March 2020 and Jan/Feb 2021.

What is the session fee for?

The session fee is due before your session to book your date. This fee covers pre-consultation, the actual shooting time, image proofing, and the photographer's skill and artistry. This fee is non refundable.

Do you offer indoor studio sessions?

No, I do not. I prefer to keep my photography outdoors in nature. However, I do have off-camera lighting, similar to what's used in studios, that I use during most senior sessions.

Will we meet before the session?

Yes! I have a pre-consultation with all my clients, this can be done in person or over the phone. The pre-consultation is the time we'll go over all your session details. Things like clothing style & outfits, hair style, locations, etc. This is very important to meet the goal of every session, which is to work together to create images that capture your unique personality and that you love!

How do I choose the location(s) for my senior portraits?

If you do not have any locations in mind that are special to you, no worries! I will help you through the decision process to pick locations that fit your personality and your outfit choices. This is covered in the pre-consultation.

What's a Print Release?

It is permission to print your images - within some guidelines. It allows the client to print for PERSONAL use while maintaining the rights of the photographer. Even though a client paid for a photo session and received digital copies it does NOT mean they own the images. The photographer is the copyright owner, always, unless a copyright has been released.

With a print release the client can:
• Print unlimited prints from their session.
• Post the images on social media.
• Can use in Christmas card.
• Keep the files forever.

The photographer benefits from a print release by:
• Clients cannot violate your copyright by editing/transforming your images in any capacity.
• Prevents commercial use without your permission.
• Preserves the integrity of your art, and the industry.
• You still own your images but give the client what they really want, the ability to print.

Can discounts be combined?

Discount offers cannot be combined. The only exception is for an SGP Ambassador that books more than one session.

Can I buy prints?

Yes! I have a full store that includes prints, canvas prints, metal prints, graduation cards, and much more!

What if the weather is bad on the day of my session?

If the weather is bad I will reschedule you for another day ASAP. However, if the rain forecast is less than 50% I will expect us to try to follow through with the shoot. It may mean we have to plan to bring things that will help us get through it like umbrellas, etc.

What if we can't make our session due to sickness or some other personal reason?

We all have things that happen in life that we cannot control, that's OK. I simply ask that you call and give me 48 hour notice, and I will reschedule you at my earliest availability.

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